Friday, September 18, 2009

NewHampshire Hospital: "Get shot, wear mask, or be fired"

According to recent reports, A hospital in Portsmouth NH is enacting the following policy.

Get the Flu Shot, or wear a mask, or get fired.

I wonder if the hospital will cover the cost of the masks? Technically the masks are only good for a few minutes so... This will cost a fortune, will the burden of the costly masks be put on the patients bills? Will the patients be required to get a shot, wear a mask, or be immediately discharged?

What would you do?

I guess id spray my mask with colloidal silver and take my echinacea while the others are laughing at me, and taking their shots, or just wearing their masks. Id be smiling under my mask knowing my mask is 1000X better than their mask, and im safer than those who took the shot. Id have my CS machine running over time and id be hooking up my coworkers outside of work with the stuff.

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